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ICE 1700

Edge Computing Gateway and Router

India's first indigenous AI powered secure IoT router with multi-WAN capability, smart routing and load balancing. Our router is built, designed and manufactured completely in India...

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Reelbox MSD

Media Streaming Dongle

Product enables live casting of HD video content from anywhere to anywhere in the world using 3G/4G uplink connection...

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Apcomart Pvt Ltd (previously known as Reelbox Media Entertainment Pvt Ltd) is a technology company that has built software and hardware technology over the past decade.
Company’s few key accomplishments are:

  • Apcomart launched Industry's first fully secure OTT platform in India with indigenously developed Movie Streaming Dongle (MSD)/HDMI Stick in the year 2013-14 much before Amazon Firestick and Google Chromecast.
  • Apcomart was the first company to deliver first-day-first-show movies to households across the world with content protection superior than the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) standards used in current day Cinema Theatres.
  • Apcomart has developed both server and client variations of media caching solutions including a remotely managed, multi 4G sim aggregating/bonding, enterprise grade router with firewall & VPN for streaming from remote locations and a solution to remotely manage delivery of video classes for chain of schools.
  • Apcomart’s superior transcoding and caching solution fits directly into both IP intra networks and DVB-C/IP hybrid networks.


project 3

Reelbox MSD

Product enables live casting of HD video content from anywhere to anywhere in the world using 3G/4G uplink connection.


  • All Winner –ARM Cortex A7
         Single core processor
  • 1 GB LPDDR3
  • WIFI b/g/n
  • HDMI and Micro USB
  • SD Card Interface
  • RBMSD 2.0

  • Rockchip–ARM Cortex A7
         Single core processor
  • 2 GB LPDDR3
  • WIFI b/g/n
  • HDMI and Micro USB
  • SD Card Interface

  • Project Involvement

    Responsible for the end-to-end product design

  • Architecture Design
  • Schematic design and Layout
  • Board Bring up and Testing
  • BSP and Android OS
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    FCC Certification

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    project 3

    ICE 1700

    The ICE 1700 raises the bar in connectivity to a whole new level with support for multiple WAN links or internet sources. It offers a highly reliable bandwidth connection to consumers who work from home through automatic link failover to mobile backhaul (4G/LTE) in the case of ethernet/fiber backhaul outage, with the ability to combine a variety of 4G/LTE wireless carriers and much more.

    • project 3

      ICE 1700

      Ultimate Hybrid WFH Router...

    • project 3

      Reelbox MSD

      Product enables live casting of...


    service 1

    Load Balancer

    Default static load balancer allows the user to non-uniformly distribute the internet consumption between WAN sources

    service 2

    Speed Boost

    Aggregate bandwidth from up to seven WAN links to consistently deliver high speed single-user bandwidth for video conferencing.

    service 3

    Network Attached Storage

    Attach a regular USB drive to store personal photos, documents and any other media content with cloud back-up feature.

    service 4


    Inbuilt Firewall feature to prevent from basic attacks, malware and ransom attacks.

    service 5

    Parental Control

    Comes with parental control to monitor child’s internet activity and use age-appropriate settings on devices.

    service 6

    Remote Management

    Supports Remote management functions including remote router configuration, change VPN server certificate, monitor router activities and URLs accessed.


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